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By Jorge Ba-oh 09.03.2012 2

King Dedede
The king is dead…all hail the king!

Every hero has an anti-hero, antagonist, arch nemesis, former-friend-turned-foe, or downright evil tyrant. Well, in the world of Kirby, that person is none other than King Dedede, the self-proclaimed ruler over Dream Land. A large, greedy, and extremely childish figure that wants to be best of the best, defeating Kirby at every turn, Dedede is still to this very day struggling to come to terms with the fact that he is simply no match for the true hero of Dream Land.


Age: Nothing is known of Dedede’s age, but he sure is energetic, full of vim and vigour. If ancient, then he surely has been looking after himself, despite what his portly stature would infer!

Species: King Dedede is certainly a bit of an oddity, and the closest ‘thing’ people have ever likened him to is a penguin, although we are certainly not looking at another Pingu or Happy Feet-style penguin here, clearly!

Location: Moving from place-to-place, causing havoc wherever he goes, yet sometimes (shockingly) actually do more good than harm! He has been known to hang out in one of his castles atop Mount (Mt.) Dedede, linger around the lower regions of the kingdom of Dream Land, and terrorise the entirety of the quaint five-pointed star planet, Pop Star. Exactly how much of Pop Star King Dedede reigns over is unclear due to some ambiguity across various Kirby adventures, but it is apparent that he lays claim to a multitude of castles and fortresses all over the place.

Birth: Whilst some may believe there is a link between King Dedede and the horde of Waddle Dees that are at his beck and call in almost every Kirby outing, all signs point to him merely ruling over them with a mighty fist, rather than being related in any fashion. The whereabouts of Dedede’s parents, and any knowledge of siblings, has yet to be uncovered. The closest ‘friend’ of Dedede’s has to be the snail-like Dr. Escargoon, who mainly appears in the TV series Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, but also featured briefly in Kirby Mass Attack.

Main Features: This particular penguin is not black and white, as many would expect, yet this could very well be down to how he is uniquely different from the likes of the other popular flightless birds, like Pingu. Instead he is a navy blue hue, which may seem unusual, yet follows a trend for oriental penguin stars being that shade. Take Beckham Kinoshita from the Japanese anime show, A Penguin’s Trouble, or even the South Korean megastar, Pororo, for instance. Dedede is also able to mimic Kirby in several ways, mainly in an effort to overcome his adversary, even sticking to an arduous training regime to desperately learn how to inhale enough air to float off like Kirby regularly does with the greatest of ease, as well as suck up objects and creatures before blowing them back out with immense force.

Clothing: Dedede is a member of royalty, or so he likes to tell people. To reflect this, he dresses in somewhat regal attire, donning a royal red robe, albeit an overly padded one that must result in some awful overheating given the sunny nature of the land he resides in. Instead of a staff or sceptre of sorts, Dedede prefers to keep a-grasp of his gigantic mallet, which depicts the image of what most will see when clattered with it -- stars! In Kirby Super Star Ultra, the hammer can even shoot out missiles, flames, or spin ridiculously fast. Carrying on with the chilly theme, though, perhaps he is extremely thin blooded, feeling too cold all the time, because he is hardly ever seen without yellow mittens or rosy red bobble hat!

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The overweight, self-centred, greedy, trouble causing, penguin-esque, self-pronounced King of Dream Land has been a staple menace since the very first Kirby game, Kirby’s Dream Land on the NES back in 1992. King Dedede is particularly mischievous, swiping food stocks to fill his bottomless pit of a stomach, exacting revenge and playing pranks on Kirby just for fun, or stealing all the stars from the night sky. The services of Nightmare Enterprises are regularly utilised for the forcible implementation of his decrees, whilst trying to destroy, or at least humiliate, Kirby to avoid any chance of the spherical hero undermining Dedede’s authority and popularity.

King Dedede is portrayed as quite the nefarious, if moderately incompetent, fiend in the cartoon series -- even going as far as labelling him as malicious at times. However, as time has passed by, King Dedede has in fact revealed himself to be more than willing to team up with Kirby in order to overthrow a common foe. A key flaw to Dedede’s personality, however, is that he is so terribly weak-willed that truly dastardly forces possess his body, with both Dark Matter and Yin Yarn doing just that in recent times, damaging any positive work done over the years.


King Dedede has appeared in almost every single Kirby game since Kirby’s Dream Land in 1992 on the 8-Bit Nintendo Entertainment System, missing out only on the Game Boy Advance release, Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, where the main villain was Dark Mind, a mysterious figure that wished to conquer the Mirror World. Below are just a handful of key games King Dedede has featured in:


Best Appearance:

There are some stunning Kirby adventures out there across all formats, including the highly entertaining spin-offs into other types of genre, such as golf, pinball, and even the world of puzzle games. However, one of the most impressive games to feature King Dedede certainly has to be 2011’s Wii release, Kirby’s Adventure Wii, which US readers will know as Kirby’s Return to Dream Land. Following in the footsteps of the multiplayer shenanigans of New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Donkey Kong Country Returns, this first home console Kirby platform outing since Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards on the Nintendo 64, was filled with all the classic platform adventure fun that has made the series so popular over the years, and featured King Dedede as one of the main playable characters throughout, smashing away at anyone and anything in his way.

Do Not Mention:

Despite everything, Kirby is still the archenemy of King Dedede, and being thwarted at every turn by the seemingly innocuous pink puffball drives the penguin-esque monarch round the bend, doolally, to despair, and any other places along Insanity Drive. No matter how many times the ruler attempts to overthrow the frustratingly charming blob, he endeavours are always in vain.

King Dedede definitely has a bright future ahead of him. Despite not making an appearance in the likes of Mario Kart or Mario Tennis at the time of writing, he was squeezed into Super Smash Bros. Brawl purely down to overwhelming support from the Japanese gaming populace, requesting his inclusion as a playable character, which also led to his large role in the Subspace Emissary storyline of said fighter. Stardom awaits Dedede, possibly following in the footsteps of Donkey Kong, Wario and Bowser in the future, rather than heading into obscurity á la Wart.

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Rob64 (guest) 10.03.2012#1

I wonder why Dedede and Kirby have never been in Mario Kart...

I think King Dedede would be a strong contender for the Bowser, Wario, Donkey Kong throne if he joined the Mario Kart ranks. High speed, but low acceleration.

Kirby could be cool - maybe adding a floating element to his kart! Smilie

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