N64 Month | Nintendo 64 Box Art Part 2: Best of the West

By Jorge Ba-oh 14.03.2012 3

Cubed3 has explored Japanese Nintendo 64 box-art and is now reminiscing with a selection closer to home, artwork readers may remember seeing leaping from store shelves, or a fresh look at the artwork of old.

Western artwork often differed from its Japanese companions, opting for a possibly more aggressive and bolder look; more rendered 3D images and stronger colours. That said, some of the designs for these titles were simply gorgeous -- complementing classic masterpieces or so good that they were able to sell even the worst games on the format.

The boxes themselves were also turned horizontally, sitting on a landscape view compared to the Japanese vertical stance, with Europeans getting a more compressed look with chunky black borders.

Here is Cubed3's selection of US/European Nintendo 64 boxes that readers may or may not have seen before [ Click to Enlarge ]:

Be sure to let the Cubed3 team know what Western box art took your fancy at the time or ones that have been stumbled across further down the line.

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Oh man, Super Mario 64's box art is pure awesome! That was a major reason why that was my first video game. And boy was it an incredible one.

For me, it's out of OoT (gotta love the PAL box for that game), Hybrid Heaven, Shadow Man, and I guess Banjo-Kazooie.

Martin_ said:
For me, it's out of OoT (gotta love the PAL box for that game), Hybrid Heaven, Shadow Man, and I guess Banjo-Kazooie.

The two bolded ones share the crown for me, with Holy Magic Century in 3rd.

Adam Riley [ Operations Director :: Senior Editor :: Cubed3 Limited ]
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