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GoldenEye N64 Played Using a Steering Wheel

GoldenEye N64 Played Using a Steering Wheel on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

GoldenEye, 007 mode - tricky, right? One gamer attempted a chunk of James Bond action using a steering wheel. Madness!

Using a Nintendo 64 emulator on the PC and a Logitech steering wheel, the familiar Facility was tackled by YouTuber welovelordtaco in a rather spectacular if a little frantic fashion. Whilst completely bizzare now, we can only imagine the likes of Nintendo conjuring up something similar and making it industry standard.

Using a wheel isn't the only attempt at bringing something a tad different to playing classic Nintendo 64 games. The likes of GoldenEye and Perfect Dark have been played using a keyboard/mouse combi and even a Wii Remote. Brilliant!


Via Kotaku.

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15.03.2012 00:54



Box art for GoldenEye 007




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Love the video and the music. Fucking epic. Best piece of news/etc on C3 in years if you ask me. Moar. It actually looks really fun to play it like that! I'd have the Duke Nukem theme on in the background eternally looping, of course. Then this can be the real Duke Nukem Forever, and I wouldn't be hideously-disappointed.

Got to love this. I have never seen anything as strange before in my life. Awesome stuff

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