N64 Month | Cubed3's Top Nintendo 64 Adverts - Part 2

By Jorge Ba-oh 15.03.2012 1

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The 90s had a very distinctive style when it came to advertising, and commercials on the living room set and in your local cinema had it all - bizzare tales, characters and jingles that are what gamer dreams were made of.

The Cubed3 team decided to take a step back in time, as part of Nintendo 64 Month, and revisit these delightful gems, uncovering unfamiliar adverts and the fan favourites. After many hours spent gorging on classic television moments, we put together twenty must-see advertisements from the Nintendo 64 era.

In the second of four parts, here is just the icing on the delicious cake.

15) Goldeneye 007 (JP)


14) Poke Stadium 2 (US)


13) Star Fox 64 (US)


13) Banjo-Tooie (US)


11) Pokemon Snap (US)


Did you enjoy/remember any of these Nintendo 64 adverts? What are you favourites?

Watch this space for the remainder of our Top 20 Nintendo 64 adverts.

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Wow. That Starfox 64 advert is so 90's, so campy, so... GOOD.

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