Super Mario 3D Land Labelled an 'Entry Point' for Consumers

By Pip 23.03.2012 1

Super Mario 3D Land Labelled an

Koichi Hayashida, Director of Super Mario 3D Land, has called the game an 'entry point' for consumers who may find other Mario games hard to clear. The difficulty level for the first half of the game is easier than that of previous titles but ramps up again as it progresses.

Hayashida-san has admitted to struggling with previous Mario titles naming the first two Super Mario Bros. as examples. He believes that an easy introduction through Super Mario 3D Land will encourage players to try other Mario titles such as Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario 64.

The game has been a big hit on Nintendo having sold 5 million units by the end of January this year. It ranked at #8 on the Media Create sales chart in Japan again last week.

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Immature (guest) 24.03.2012#1

Entry point...hehehe

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