N64 Month | Cubed3's Top Nintendo 64 Adverts - Part 4

By Jorge Ba-oh 26.03.2012 3

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So here we are folks, we've looked back at classic Nintendo 64 tv commercials for the last three weeks and are now down to the final five for your viewing pleasure.

As well as crafting a selection of timeless gaming gems, the era also had its fair share of amusing, bizarre and stunning TV/cinema campaigns that just haven't been replicated as well in recent times - gone is the humour and cheese, replaced with high definition cinematography or beaming families.

The Cubed3 Nintendo 64 Top 5 Adverts isn't a definitive list, but there's something quite special about these that have sat in our memory banks for over a decade.

That said, the US campaign for Super Smash Bros is one of Nintendo's best to date...

5) Donkey Kong 64 advert (US)


4) Zelda: Ocarina of Time (EN/EU)


3) Battletanx (US)


2) Mario Kart 64 (JP)


1) Smash Bros (US)


Did you enjoy/remember any of these Nintendo 64 adverts? What are you favourites in our Top 20?

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I don't remember seeing that OoT commercial. I remember this one, even though they're almost identical.


"Or willst thou suck" lol

And number one was the obvious choice. Not only is it the best N64 commercial, I'd say it's one of the best commercials ever.

Bornforthis said:
And number one was the obvious choice. Not only is it the best N64 commercial, I'd say it's one of the best commercials ever.

Ditto. I remember seeing this commercial for the first time at my grandma's while watching Pokemon in the afternoon. I was 8. If there were a commercial hall of fame this would be in it and close to the top.

Loved this series of stories, but there is one advert I think deserves an honorable mention --



Wow, I've never seen that Kirby ad - really funny!

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