N64 Month | Art@C3: Nintendo 64 Gallery Special

By Jorge Ba-oh 31.03.2012 4

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Many gamers have fold memories of the Nintendo 64 era, full of warm polygon adventures that form the basis of a big pot of creative juice. All this March we have celebrated the games, hardware, sound and video for fifteen years of the console.

Now it's all about the fans - paintings, drawings, crafts, digital work all with a Nintendo 64 flavour.

We love your creations! Whether it be something done by hand using pencils, paints etc, or snapped as photos, digitally made wallpapers, avatars and even screens of your in-game antics!

Here are some of our favourites for this special edition of Art@C3.

Art@C3 - Nintendo 64 Special


Majora's Mask Clock by Riomy.
Perfect Dark by Daelyth.
The Real Banjo-Kazooie by Insert Coin(s) to Continue.
Ocarina of Time: Volvagia by Ferahgo-The-Assassin
Zelda's Lullaby and Ocarina of Time by Crazyfreak
Mario Party by Piranha2021
The Mona Banjo by Marzy
Banjo and Kazooie and Pokeddex Challenge Day 26 by Pink-Shimmer
Diddy Kong Racing Sketches and Star Fox 64 Sketches by Chibi Rinku
Star Fox by Makkon
Mario Kart 64 by Finni
Daisy and Luigi - Mario Party 3 by Nao1789
Nintendo 64 Hair slides by Susie Gray (Pikasue)
Mario and Peach by Ninjatron
Don’t Feel the Animals by Lithe Tokay
Rainbow Cloud by Loftywishes
N64 Plushie by Klonoa33
Lost Control by JB
Mario Lost a Star by Valdrein
Mario Party Hair slides & hat by Susie Gray (Pikasue)
Welcome to Mario Kart by JB
Nintendo 64 banner by Kafei2006

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Wow, some of those are very cool indeed! The difference between Ross' furry Banjo and the scary one next to it is amazing.

I quite like the sexy Joanna Dark one Smilie Smilie

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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I love JB's Mario Kart drawing, it reminds me of Miyamoto's style.

Woah - thanks! Miyamoto's style?

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

His drawing style. Smilie

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