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Bird Mania 3D Coming to the UK!

Bird Mania 3D Coming to the UK! on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Teyon have announced that the skill based arcade action game Bird Mania 3D for the Nintendo 3DS will be available to players in PAL region from this Thursday, May 17th. The game has already received positive reviews since its launch in North America and will be available at the Nintendo eShop for a mere 2 Euros.

Players must steer Mojo the bird through Africa as he tries to chase his flock of friends who have flown away for vacation. Avoid obstacles and collect bonuses to beat your own high score and keep Mojo out of trouble. There are over 20 achievements to unlock, easy-to-use controls and high score tracking in this addictive game that will keeps players entertained for hours.

Check out the trailer for Bird Mania 3D from Teyon's official Youtube page:


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14.05.2012 21:45



Box art for Bird Mania 3D





2D Platformer



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Now that's a good price! If the game is as much fun as it looks.

Angry Birds meets Jetpack. Price is good, game looks good too, iphone app game.

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