Patch Your Copy of Mario Kart 7 Today!

By Jorge Ba-oh 15.05.2012 2

Patch Your Copy of Mario Kart 7 Today! on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo have released the first patch for Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS eShop today, fixing a handful of cheat-ridden courses.

The game boasts a robust online feature, however has been hampered by a bunch of players who purposefully select courses that can be glitched to secure an early lead and almost guaranteed win. The Wii version of Mario Kart also suffers from a horde of hackers, cheating lap times and infinite weapons, so it's about time for a dollop of fairness on the online scene.

With the 3DS's most recent firmware update came the ability for developers to release patches to fix broken content - and the first of which, for Mario Kart 7, addresses the online multiplayer.

From today players will be able to download a fix that works on "Wuhu Island Loop," "Wuhu Mountain Loop," and "GBA Bowser Castle 1", preventing cheaters from doing their business. Those without the patch will no longer be able to player online.

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Nice to see them sorting it out, although it sucks for me because I can't play 3ds games online anyway >.>

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If they are doing a patch for 7, there needs to be one to fix the blue shells on MK Wii. But glad to know Nintendo are fixing these things, I hate hackers.

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