Exclusive Competition: WIN Kid Icarus 3DS + Otone Speaker System

By Jorge Ba-oh 18.05.2012 1

Cubed3 have teamed up with Otone Audio to offer UK readers the chance to win a copy of Kid Icarus: Uprising and the sublime ​Otone Audio Eclipse 2.1 multimedia speaker system​.

With sweeping curves and vibrant graphics, the funky Eclipse 2.1 computer speakers integrate perfectly into the modern gaming environment.

How to enter

1) Click here to follow Otone Audio on twitter
2) Click here to retweet our competition tweet

Ends Friday 8th June
UK residents only

Competition Rules

  • UK entrants only.
  • Competition not open to employees of Cubed3 or Otone Audio.
  • The competition ends on Friday 8th June 2012. 11:59pm GMT.
  • Winner will be notified through a news post and via e-mail.
  • Winner must provide their details within five days of being contacted by Cubed3
  • Failing this another entrant will be selected at random.

Entries are limited to one per person and per household. The submitting of duplicate or multiple entries shall result in instant disqualification, unless stated otherwise. The decision made as to the winner is final and no correspondence shall be entered into. There is no cash alternative for the prize. We do not hold responsibility for the prize being lost, delayed or damaged during postage.

Box art for Kid Icarus: Uprising








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Wow, a great comp. Have entered. I think I'm finally starting to understand how to use twitter. Smilie

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