Nintendo Reveals the New 3DS Model

By Shane Jury 22.06.2012 24

Nintendo Reveals the New 3DS Model on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Shown towards the end of the Japanese Conference stream by Iwata-san himself after a ton of 3DS game trailers and information tidbits, the new model of the 3DS looks to be what the DSi XL was to the DSi; the same bells and whistles in a much larger form factor with all the advantages that brings.

Image for Nintendo Reveals the New 3DS Model
Image for Nintendo Reveals the New 3DS Model
Image for Nintendo Reveals the New 3DS Model
Image for Nintendo Reveals the New 3DS Model

Together with the vastly increased screen size (and the reported wider focus zone for the 3D on the top screen), the 3DS LL (or XL as it will be known outside of Japan) has more of a curved and matte rounding to better fit the hands, and most importantly a stronger battery, making a fully charged gaming session reach between 6 and 10 hours.

Image for Nintendo Reveals the New 3DS Model

In the European Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that the unit is already into complete production and will release in the UK just over a month from now, on July 28th. It will come in the three colours�pictured above; Red, Blue, and Silver, and will also come with a 4 Gigabyte SD Card, as opposed to the 2 Gig card with the regular 3DS.

Due to manufacturing costs and the desire to keep the XL at a similar pricepoint to the regular 3DS, Nintendo have stated that it will not come with an AC adaptor or stand, though these will be sold separately, and any adapter from a DSi, a DSi XL or a 3DS will also work with the unit. This will only apply to Japan and Europe apparently, as the US edition will indeed include a charger.

​Stick with C3 for more updates on this new hardware as they come.

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Fuck, I want one. Smilie

Bummer about no second Analog though, they'll probably bring out a new Circle Pad Pro to fit this one. Can't believe it's out so soon! Can't wait to play Kingdom Hearts and Resi Revelations on it, they'll look incredible. Smilie

( Edited 22.06.2012 06:14 by Phoenixus )

Shit that thing is enormous.

I'm gonna buy it. Nintendo Direct was better than their E3 lol.

I'm definitely getting one, I like it's design.

Way too big for me. Smilie Glad they didn't reveal a proper revision. Too early for one yet. Add an updated CPP and this thing will get even bigger. Smilie

It's difficult to tell because of the shadowing, but in that trailer I believe that the stylus (one regular stick again, no longer those stretchable ones) slot has been moved to the righthand side of the unit like with the DS Lite and the DSi's.

( Edited 22.06.2012 09:05 by Phoenixus )

Ooh... tempting! I might get one in the future, but money is tight at the moment, and I think I'd rather keep waiting for a dual-analogue revision.

Goddamn it, I really want one but I have no money for it right now, especially since I'll need a lot for the Wii U and a ton of games at the end of the year. Maybe I can talk my sister into buying my old 3DS from me. Then I'd also finally be able to...get my first Streetpass ever!!

I've never had a DSi XL, so I'm curious about one thing. Won't the games look stretched on the 3DS XL, because they're intended to be running on the smaller 3DS screen or is it all fine and will still look great, just on a much bigger screen?

Rounded edges and seemingly improved Select/Home/Start/Power buttons look good and the shoulder buttons look like the much better feeling ones on the Circle Pad Pro, though the d-pad still looks like it's the same terrible one on the 3DS. Wonder if the buttons are still as clicky as they are now too. Definitely can't wait for some hands-on reports on all this.

I'm getting one of these monsters on launch. Smilie

Edit: Hmm, I'll maybe get one of these on launch. ^_^;

( Edited 22.06.2012 12:57 by Marzy )

This doesn't interest me. For one, it's way too big. I quite like the new design, but that's about all that appeals to me. How the hell will this thing fit in your pocket?

For now, I do not plan on buying one. If there are any competitions to win one, I will enter. But I'd rather wait for a proper revision, rather than just a 3DS aimed at giants. As I've stated before, when other colours had been announced. "I'm fine with my original Aqua Blue 3DS"

Same thing goes for this one. I never bought a DSi XL and I don't see myself buying a 3DS XL. At least, not anytime soon.

Our member of the week

The only thing about it that makes me kinda want one is the more rounded edges and corners, which must make it more comfortable to hold for long play sessions than the original 3DS. But other than that, I'm not interested at all by the system, since I'm quite happy with the size of the original system, and the battery life increase isn't significant enough to make any relevance for me, my extra battery still gives me more than twice what the 3DS XL gives.

But at least, it's nice that there's at last an alternative for those who wanted it desperately, and it should be enough of an incentive for those who were waiting for it to finally jump on the train and get a taste of all these wonderful titles already released as well as those that are still coming Smilie.

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

Wow it's huge.. but they really could have added a circle pad don't you think? Hmm.

Either way I doubt I'll get one.

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

Am I right in that you can transfer literally everything from your old 3DS to your new one (including friends and friendcode)?

( Edited 22.06.2012 11:57 by Marzy )

No second analogue stick is a bummer. That thing would be enormous if they add a circle pad pro to it. It's not like there wasn't enough space to add one.

A lot of parents will be Pee'd off when they buy their child one, then discover it doesn't come with a charger! It's good that it can be charged with other DSi and 3DS chargers though.

I WANT ONE. Shame I can't afford it... Smilie

Darkflame (guest) 22.06.2012#15

Not for me, my eyesite is fine Smilie

ue to manufacturing costs and the desire to keep the XL at a similar pricepoint to the regular 3DS, Nintendo have stated that it will not come with an AC adaptor

That is crazy.

I actually checked my calendar to make sure it's not April First. I don't understand this thing at all! The interior plastic on it is hideous for one. Makes the device look incredibly cheap. I've read the battery life is only improved marginally as well. And no second analogue.

I don't see why this was even necessary if it didn't really fix any of the flaws of the first machine. Unless there's more to learn about this system, I think I'd rather have the old one.

I think with XL it's really about the focus on those huge screens. I'm expecting another model a few years down the line with another analogue and extra/improved features, much like the DSi was to the original DS.

Then they might bring out a 3DSi XL, after that. Smilie

The XL isn't intended in any way to be a fix or update, it's an alternative for all intents and purposes.

I'm kinda glad, they're not screwing over original buyers at all. (The original 3DS is pretty great anyway besides small battery issues)

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

Never had the urge to buy a DS... but now I think I mite!!


What's wrong with all black or all white? Not too impressed with those colours, and a portable not coming with an AC adapter is crazy. Surely retailers will bundle those.
What are you supposed to do if you want to trade up? All the store to let you take it home and transfer, then bring your old one in and pay for it? . I don't see how you can trade your old one, do a transfer and get money off the new one...

Add me on anything. I'm always looking for new friends/opponents/town visitors/chances to appear more popular than I actually am.

I like the design, the curves and matte black. However not having two circle pads is just annoying.. so what in 12 months time they're going to announce however model?

Marzy said:
Am I right in that you can transfer literally everything from your old 3DS to your new one (including friends and friendcode)?

Yup, it'll be as if your old 3DS merged with the new one, every last detail transfers over (via a spiffy Pikmin animation Smilie). There is a five-count limit to the process though, so hopefully there won't be too many improvement models after this. Smilie

I really doubt there'll be another 3DS-with-second-pad model after this. If Nintendo saw the second pad as a huge admission they would have addressed that first before bringing this out.

Edit: Little size comparison and a rough estimate of the screen differences;

Image for

Image for

( Edited 22.06.2012 20:05 by Phoenixus )

Nintendoro (guest) 24.06.2012#23


Damn, that thing's massive!

Almost looks uncomfortable for long sessions.

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