Nintendo Reveals Animal Crossing 3DS, 2013 Release Confirmed

By Jorge Ba-oh 22.06.2012 8

Nintendo Reveals Animal Crossing 3DS, 2013 Release Confirmed on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo revealed a snippet of new footage from the 3DS version of the popular Animal Crossing series in action today.

Amongst the meat of the conference - details on a new, bigger Nintendo 3DS model, the company also revealed new details on the forthcoming 3D version of your favourite real-time town simulator. It's back, together with improved visuals, a wealth of new items to purchase and plot around the land, plus brand-new and somewhat unique house designs.

Your neighbours will also be able to visit your virtual town this time round, literally, as StreetPass functionality was confirmed - wandering around town in reality? Make some virtual visitors in the game world.

Hoping to pimp out that 3D Animal Crossing pad this year? European and North American fans will have to wait a little longer as the game has been confirmed for release sometime next year.

Box art for Animal Crossing: New Leaf
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I'm gonna be a Samurai and decapitate Tom Nook.

Awww, 2013? Smilie Is one of my most anticipated games... guess I'll just have to break out the Wii version again soon!

I can't wait for this, though I'm kind of glad it has been pushed back until 2013. It means there's now one less game for me to purchase this year. Smilie

I'm disappointed by 2013 too, but it looks good! Houses look much bigger, and I like that they look to have changed shape a bit too - not just a slowly growing square. Weird to see solar panels outside? I wonder if there's a real electricity angle there or if it's just the dropping furniture outside thing taken to a new level.

Looks pretty good. The only Animal Crossing game I've played was the Gamecube one, where the camera was above everything, looking down. The ground was flat. I think I prefer that to a low camera and a seemingly very round Earth. Didn't the other AC games do something similar? What did you guys think about it?

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zeldaeevee64 (guest) 25.06.2012#6

2013?! i've been waiting like 2 years for this game! personally, they need to release that game this year, and i don't care if this would push back other games/consoles. This game needs to come out soon or i'm gonna go insane!

qwerty ting (guest) 25.06.2012#7


City Folk stole my life up for a solid year... but this doesn't look different and exciting enough for me. :/

I may just hold out for a WiiU version since I still don't have a 3DS and the U version will most likely have a crazy new concept (I hope).

I'll have to keep an eye on this as more details come out. Pushing online is great, which was something I greatly enjoyed about CF, but I want to be able to do more offline as well. I know all the games are essentially the same, but this just doesn't seem like as much of an upgrade as it could be.

But hey, it's still early. I won't give up hope yet.

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