Possible Western Release for La-Mulana WiiWare

By Jorge Ba-oh 12.07.2012

Possible Western Release for La-Mulana WiiWare on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

WiiWare adventure game La-Mulana may receive a Western release, says developer Nigoro in a new blog post.

The side-scrolling, retro-inspired project was originally released on PC back in 2005 and has since received strong reviews, likening the concept to a traditional Metroid or Castlevania set in an Indiana Jones-inspired tomb. The WiiWare edition was released last month in Japan, but publisher Nicalis has yet to find a Western partner to distribute the game.

A second PC version, an enhanced port of the WiiWare version, is due out in North America on July 13th in both English and Japanese.

However the developer porting the game noted "There is a possibility to release WiiWare version" for those who aren't concerned about the extra content, or prefer playing the game on a console (instead of PC).

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