New Dragon Quest X Wii Details, Japanese Advert

By Jorge Ba-oh 14.07.2012 1

New Dragon Quest X Wii Details, Japanese Advert on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Dragon Quest X is embarking on a Wii adventure in just over two weeks in Japan, and TV campaigns have started to roll out.

Swords, slime and shields at the ready as the latest chapter in the long-running series heads to Wii, complete with online adventuring in a new world of Astoltia, split over five continents.

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Square Enix recently described the online process, with CPU and human characters indicated using different colours in their names. Real life folk are in blue, computer folk in pink and white being an NPC you can talk to.

The studio also demonstrated how a fully CPU-controlled party is formed, by nipping down to the local pub where you can be introduced to similar adventurers based off the difficulty and type of job selected. It will cost valuable gold to hire out your support however.

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Also in town there's your weapon and armor shops for upgrading, an inn for snoozing and a church. Instead of saving at this sancutary, you'll be able to revive fallen comarades and fix up any ailments like poisons and curses.


What do you think of the latest glimpse of Square Enix's Dragon Quest X?

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I still just don't think this game will take off. I love the idea at its core, but the whole online thing just doesn't seem to work for the JRPG.

Like video game music?!
Do a Barrel Roll!<

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