Get a Detailed Look at the Bravely Default Collector's Pack for Japan

By Az Elias 23.07.2012

Get a Detailed Look at the Bravely Default Collector

Square Enix has released a close up image of the Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Collector's Pack that lucky Japanese will be able to get their hands on come October 11th.

Exclusively sold through Square Enix's e-Store for ¥12,800, the package contains the game itself in a black box, a specialised protective 3DS case, an art album, the full original soundtrack, and a life size AR poster.

Although not announced for the West yet, if the game does come over, Europe has a good track record of collector's editions, especially in recent times, so hopefully we'll get the same treatment.

Image for Get a Detailed Look at the Bravely Default Collector

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Box art for Bravely Default
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Bravely Default: For the Sequel


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