Genius Sonority's 3DS eShop Project Heading to the West

By Jorge Ba-oh 24.07.2012 1

Genius Sonority

Pokémon Colosseum creators Genius Sonority's unique 3DS eShop RPG, Denpa Ningen no RPG, is getting localisation treatment.

In the downloadable game, which translates roughly to Radio Wave People is a part-real-life exploration, part traditional battle RPG, where players recruit allies by scanning the local environment using the 3DS camera. In your bookshelf, garden or bustling town centre there'll be quirky folk called "wave people" that are of course invisible to the human eye, but are picked up on the Nintendo hardware.

Once you've nabbed your digital allies, it's down to exploring the in-game world, fend off monsters in random battles and go up against the vile Demon King - baring similarities to Nintendo's Pikmin with different types of Wave folk that have their own unique abilities.

See how it all works in a previous Radio Wave People trailer.

Box art for The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave
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Denpa Ningen no RPG


Genius Sonority


Genius Sonority


Turn Based RPG



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I'm really glad we're getting this. Surprised, but glad. I just don't understand Nintendo sometimes though...
We get an RPG full of teletubbies we didn't ask for as a download title, but we will never get Earthbound on the virtual console?

I are confuse-ed. Smilie

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