Dragon Quest X Nintendo Direct and Promo Items

By Jorge Ba-oh 26.07.2012 1

Dragon Quest X Nintendo Direct and Promo Items on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Gagging for more details on Dragon Quest X? Nintendo can help out with a new broadcast planned and Square Enix promo goodies.

The latest Nintendo Direct presentation will beam across the globe direct from the company's offices, covering a wealth of information on Square Enix's exclusive RPG. Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata will once again discuss the forthcoming game, and we're positive he'll have a prop or two in his hands.

The show takes place July 30th at 8pm Japan time, 12pm GMT, 5AM PST, 7am EST and 1pm CET.

Square Enix also detailed promotional incentives today, including a meaty game guide book, adorable plushies and Dragon Quest X figurines.

Ever wanted to nibble a slime? Well, Lotte will release a new gum that's said to taste like the series' iconic critters. Delish!

Image for Dragon Quest X Nintendo Direct and Promo Items
Image for Dragon Quest X Nintendo Direct and Promo Items

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I really hope this episode of Nintendo Direct gets translated somewhere/somehow.

There are a few make or break details I'm really hoping to get to quell my curiosities about whether or not this game is really gonna work.

Like video game music?!
Do a Barrel Roll!<

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