Heroes of Ruin DLC and Updates Possible

By Jorge Ba-oh 26.07.2012 2

Heroes of Ruin DLC and Updates Possible on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The 3DS-exclusive project from n-Space, Heroes of Ruin, may get patched up and receive DLC updates if ongoing discussion proves successful.

The co-operative portable adventure has been well received, and despite a bustling array of features, there are certain issues like potential glitches, levellng-up issues and exploits that have urged new players to want resolved. Speaking to Super Phillip Central, the studio addresses these concerns by praising the 3DS's ability to handle game patching , and that it might be possible in the future.

It was encouraging to see Nintendo release the Mario Kart 7 update eliminating the Maka Wuhu shortcut, partly because we're huge Mario Kart 7 fans and partly because that demonstrated how such updates could be delivered. So the possibility is there. As far as what updates might be done for Heroes of Ruin, if any, that's an ongoing discussion.

Additional downloadable content, missions etc isn't currently on the agenda for n-Space or publisher Square Enix, but it's an area that fans have already expressed some interest in early on in the game's lifespan - it might just happen if there is enough demand.

We don't have anything to announce at this time, but if your readers would like to see paid DLC, they can make their voices heard at the HeroesOfRuin.com message boards. Square Enix keeps a pretty close eye on that dialogue.

Via Nintendo Life.

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ee (guest) 26.07.2012#1

Smilie peneee

Kegeta (guest) 01.08.2012#2

Good game but needs more content to be great

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