Debut Trailer for Girl of the Old School Building 3DS

By Jorge Ba-oh 26.07.2012 1

Debut Trailer for Girl of the Old School Building 3DS on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Arc System Works has revealed the first trailer and website for new 3DS title, Girl of the Old School Building.

The title became known last week as a new eShop project for Nintendo's 3D platform, revolving a mysterious school and the strange goings on behind a never-before-opened library door. Just what lurks beyond? The trailer explores some of the cast you'll encounter, demonstrating some of the puzzle mechanics. Lock and key? Check. Prodding bookcases? Certainly.

Kyuukousha no Shojo is also available now to try out in the Japanese eShop as a demo. The final game will be a downloadable 3DS eShop game


What do you think of our first look at Girl of the Old School Building?

Box art for Girl of the Old School Building
Also known as

Dasshutsu Adventure: Kyuukousha no Shoujo


Arc System Works


Arc System





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Monkey D Super (guest) 26.07.2012#1

Just saw this trailer on Siliconera. It looks very boring to be honest. Pass.

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