How to Transfer from Nintendo 3DS to 3DS XL

By Adam Riley 31.07.2012 3

How to Transfer from Nintendo 3DS to 3DS XL on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

For anyone having trouble with their new Nintendo 3DS XL consoles, Nintendo UK has now released a video to show how to transfer content from the original 3DS to the new 3DS XL model. If you are one of the near enough 10,000 people that bought a system over the weekend and are wondering how easy it is to bring across old data from the old 3DS, this video should make things much clearer.

Watch out for a special voice guest on this particular video...


Have you bought a Nintendo 3DS XL yet, or are planning on getting one?

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Olivier (guest) 31.07.2012#1

Nintendo`s Migration process is outdated and Useless. You would need to have the two 3DSs to carry that out. In order words, you MUST buy/own two 3DSs. If you were returning your 3DS under warranty, all your purchases will be lost because you wouldn`t have the oppurtunity to transfer your data from an already sent off device.

Migration should be web based, not device based. That`s just so old and wrong.

I know what you mean. Just think about the amount of children that have a 3DS and want the larger system. What parent is seriously going to buy the XL before getting rid of the old 3DS?

Either: 1.) Trade-in, 2.) Sell on eBay

Either of those options would be taken before even contemplating getting the 3DS XL, at which point it's too late and all the content has been lost.

(by the way, that's my voice on the video Smilie )

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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erc (guest) 01.08.2012#3

I hope when the Miiverse shows up that they migrate to a system like PSN that all of your content is attached to an online account opposed to having to transfer from one device to the other. I agree with is extremely outdated and frustrating at that.

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