Team Ninja Wants to do More Metroid

By Az Elias 17.08.2012 9

Team Ninja Wants to do More Metroid on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Metroid: Other M somewhat divided fans of the long-running and successful space adventure series starring bounty hunter Samus Aran, with many questioning the direction of the story and Samus' personality. Team Ninja recently revealed that the story was written entirely by Nintendo's Yoshio Sakamoto, with the Ninja Gaiden creators working with Nintendo to develop the game.

VG247 recently spoke to Yosuke Hayashi at GamesCom, who worked with Sakamoto on Other M, about the possibility of a sequel to the Wii game being made. His response was:

Unfortunately Metroid is kind of out of our league as it's Nintendo's game, but we're still in close touch with co-creator Sakamoto-san, so we want to do something with him moving forward definitely. It really depends on what he wants to do with the game first.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you like Team Ninja to work on another Metroid game again, or should another developer be given a chance to work alongside Nintendo?

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I don't. I just want a good version of NG3 and DoA.

As long as they don't let it become a misogynistic mess like Other M.

I liked the gameplay but the terrible portrayal of Samus can rot.

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Team Ninja recently revealed that the story was written entirely by Nintendo's Yoshio Sakamoto, with the Ninja Gaiden creators working with Nintendo to develop the game.

I thought that this was known for a long time now and yet you still regularly see people blaming Team Ninja for that aspect of the game despite them not having to do anything with it. It's fine if people didn't like the story but they should at least blame the one who's actually responsible for it.

People were quick to slam Team Ninja for the story, but it was indeed Sakamoto's doing. I loved the gameplay and would be happy for a similar experience in the future.

darkflame (guest) 18.08.2012#5

No, give me more open Prime-esq game any day.
Hell, make it more open - give me a whole planet to actually hunt some bountys in Smilie

I loved the game, didn't really care about the whole Adam restricting Samus from using her powers and the other shit. I thought it was a great game.

More Other M style gameplay? YES PLEASE! Smilie

( Edited 18.08.2012 21:41 by MechaG2 )

Chance favors the prepared mind.
Jay (guest) 21.08.2012#8

If they address these issues, I'm all for it.
-Add challenge to the gameplay.
-Set it on a planet
-Focus on the lore not character interactions.
-Don't make it quite so Linear.
-Don't use wiimote only control scheme

Richard (guest) 22.08.2012#9

No more Other M's. The first one wasn't good and it will only bring down the image of Metroid for the younger people. Bring back something equivalent to Metroid Trilogy. Maybe a new Planet that wasn't discovered until recently or even a second person like Samus.

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