Latest 3DS Mario Tops 1 Million Sales in Japan

By Jorge Ba-oh 06.09.2012

Latest 3DS Mario Tops 1 Million Sales in Japan on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

In just over a month on store shelves, Nintendo's latest platformer offering has earned its place in the million-seller list.

The goal in New Super Mario Bros 2 is to collect a staggering million coins, and now there'll be over a million players working to achieve that record. Sales last week of 55k helped Nintendo's 3DS Mario title achieve a lifetime figure of 1,068,878 units so far.

Also in the top 10 list is Pokemon Black & White 2, which is well on its way towards 3 million at 2,692,626 copies sold so far. The 3DS version of  Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers also storned the charts with 73,690 copies adopted during its first week.

Dragon Quest X for Wii slipped off the list, but has sold 570,365 units in just four weeks in the Japanese market.

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