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Travis Touchdown
"When you see your brother in hell, tell him he's still a douche!"

Travis Touchdown is the main protagonist in the No More Heroes series and a total badass otaku. He works as an assassin to find out who he really is, and to avenge the people close to him who were killed. Cubed3 delves deeper into his psyche to see what this hot-headed, perverted, blood-lusting otaku is all about.


Age: 30-years-young, which must actually be quite old for an assassin, and with all the twisted stuff he watches perhaps he's hit that mid-life crisis a little earlier than most.

Species: He's a human, of the assassin variety, although not everyone he comes across could honestly be classed as 'human.'
Location: Travis lives in the town of Santa Destroy, which is an incredibly strange place with a lot of unusual people, and it's also legal to murder as long as you have a licence. The economy of Santa Destroy also seems to be dire, as it often seems to cost thousands of dollars just to buy something like an item of clothing.
Family Matters: Travis' parents were killed by a strange woman a few years before the first No More Heroes, and he mentally blocked the person out until the end of that game, where he met her face-to-face. One day he thought it would be cool to buy a Beam Katana off of an online auction site and unwittingly got himself ranked in the United Assassins Association (UAA) after taking a job from Sylvia Christel to kill an assassin known as Helter Skelter.
Main Features: Travis is a massive otaku (Japanese for a person obsessive about particular areas of interest), and is also somewhat perverted, as seen by his actions around beautiful women (mainly Sylvia). He has a favourite anime show called Pure White Lover: Bizarre Jerry 5, which is…well, let's just say it's better if you look it up rather than read about it here! He is also an avid fan of professional wrestling and even has his own set of wrestling moves.

Travis' main weapon is his Beam Katana that he won in an online auction called the Blood Berry. It looks like a light-sabre from Star Wars with some subtly notable differences (for copyright purposes, obviously!) and has a peculiar way of being charged (yes, it could be said that his end does glow). Travis also has a rocket-powered motorbike called the Schpeltiger, which is drivable in the first game and is even used for a boss fight in the second, Desperate Struggle. He also has a cat called Jean who Travis plays with in the form of mini games. In the first game, Jean is just a kitten, but in the second one, she becomes fat and Travis uses a multitude of exercises to get her back into good shape. Apparently he doesn't like fat pus…ah, never mind!
Clothing: Travis likes to keep his style the same in both games, so he's always seen wearing his high collar leather jacket, a pair of jeans, as well as some geeky designs on his T-shirts that include his favourite girls from Bizarre Jelly. There are always different pieces of clothing to buy, but a lot of the clothes will just look like Travis' normal outfit, but in a different colour.

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Good ol' Mr. Touchdown is pictured as a being a sick individual in his late 20s/early 30s who has a seriously lust for women and doesn't mind killing a few people to reach his goal of fulfilling the yearning in his loins. In the first No More Heroes, he entered the UAA rankings at 11th after accepting a job to kill Helter Skelter, who was ranked 11th. Travis then had to kill his way to the top, finding out about his mysterious past that was blocked out by trauma. He eventually gained a disciple in Shinobu and in the second game, Desperate Struggle she and Travis' half brother Henry helped Travis get to the top of the UAA rankings again, this time to avenge the death of a close friend.


Despite only making two appearances on Nintendo systems, Travis has become a very popular figure in the gaming community, with several hoping he would perhaps even feature in a future Smash Bros. game. Following the original and its sequel, along came a port, Japanese re-release and even a mobile spin-off, with a third game rumoured for Wii U, but without Travis as the main star.


Best Appearance:

Whilst some may wholeheartedly disagree, it has to be No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle. Two main games to choose from, and the sequel was better, only because the part-time jobs were more fun, there were various 8-bit style games that had to be completed to earn more money, although it wasn't necessary to play them since the game took away the need for paying for fights. There were also other mini games, such as the Bizarre Jerry 5 shmup that shouldn't be a problem for normal shooter fans to beat, but is very fun to play. There's also the case of looking after Travis' cat Jean, who has put on a bit of weight over the years, to say the least.

The best part of the game, however, is the variety of the battles; not only do players take on the role of Travis, but also get to play as his student, Shinobu, as well as his half brother Henry, both of whom offer different gameplay compared to Travis. There are also some brilliant parts as Travis, such as fighting a giant mecha made out of 25 cheerleaders with an American football player in the driving seat. Travis could also now wield two beam katana at the same time, offering more strategy to the games combat.

The game's humour also didn't let up since Travis still had his hilarious one-liners, as well as the bosses being as weird and twisted as ever. There's also the chance to watch the opening sequence of Bizarre Jerry 5, which is obviously a parody to many magical girl anime shows, and looks somewhat akin to the recent Senran Kagura on 3DS.

Do Not Mention:

His favourite cartoon, Bizarre Jerry 5, being cancelled. Seriously, even if it was a jokey white lie, the guy would go crazy and probably kill you and everyone within range in an instant. The guy seriously loves his anime programmes that much there are many other things you probably shouldn't mention to Travis. Although he is generally a calm and collective guy, he does go crazy with blood-lust if anyone kills someone close to him, or tries to harm him, yet he does restrict himself in some cases, so it's more a case of 'Do Not Do' than 'Do Not Mention...'
Travis almost defines the word 'awesome,' as well as the word 'otaku.' He's perverted but at the same time takes his job as an assassin very seriously, especially when it comes to the vital kill. He can also associate with a lot of people nowadays, being into anime, loving attention from women and having a friendly pet cat to look after. Travis is one hell of a well-rounded guy and it will be a shame to wave him goodbye if Goichi Suda-san's word are true about the Travis storyline being totally concluded now.

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Jay (guest) 27.09.2012#1

He also made an appearance in the ds remake of flower, sun and rain. He appeared as an unlockable character.

Not a game but its kinda interesting, he appeared in the background of one of the scott pilgrim books.

Really? I didn't realise that! Thanks for the info Smilie

I always thought Travis would be perfect for Smash Bros, but it seems he might be taking a back seat. I don't think he's even featured in future plans for mobile spin-offs!

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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I didn't realise that, must be more thorough next time in my reasearch.

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