First Screens and Video for Liberation Maiden 3DS

By Jorge Ba-oh 04.10.2012 2

First Screens and Video for Liberation Maiden 3DS on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Guild01 project Liberation Maiden is heading to the 3DS as a download title. See the first screens and trailer from today's Nintendo Direct broadcast.

Three of the games from the once Japan-only developer bundle were confirmed today for an international release. The first of the trio, Liberation Maiden, is an action game starring a girl now made president of New Japan after her father's assassination.  She takes control of a mech to fend off an invading country trying to steal the country's energy.

The title was designed by Goichi Suda, the quirky chap behind No More Heroes and Killer 7.

Image for First Screens and Video for Liberation Maiden 3DS
Image for First Screens and Video for Liberation Maiden 3DS

Box art for Liberation Maiden

Suda 51







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Anyone know how good this is? Since it's Suda it's probably pretty good and I'm definitely tempted by the whole anime girls blowing stuff up with lasers and robots thing.

But yep watching this for reviews!

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Jake (guest) 07.10.2012#2

The quality of the game is very good. Controls we're simple after about 5 minutes of getting used to it. The voice acting is convincing and immersive. Graphics are nice and 3D looks good. 
There are 5 stages of the story mode which is the main mode, the maps are average sized; you can easily reach the barrier on the edge of the map. Gameplay was fun and action packed, I enjoyed the flying missiles the most. Each stage has sub-stages and sub-quests that give a little extra to the formula.

This being said, the length of the game leaves something to be desired. I completed the story mode on normal in under two hours as there are 5 stages in total, each one being maybe 20 minutes long if you are thorough. I don't think the levels have massive replay value as once you have done it once, you know what happens since each level is static, but if you want, there's 3 difficulties to do the 5 stages on. There's also achievements, some which encourage you to replay levels more times than one would think enjoyable.

Out of 10 i'd give it a 7. It's definitely enjoyable and a quality game, but it is rather short and would be an excellent 10/10 if it were a fully fleshed out and lengthy cartridge game.
If you're tempted to buy it, go for it.

Also I'd love a Liberation Maiden anime series!

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