Free Mutant Mudds DLC Dated for Europe/US

By Jorge Ba-oh 12.10.2012 1

Free Mutant Mudds DLC Dated for Europe/US on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Have cravings for even more levels in the 3DS download Mutant Mudds? Renegade Kid has confirmed a release date for the free DLC.

The pack will include 20 new levels that focus on Grannie and her abilities. She's able to use three power-ups simultaneously, so these bonus levels have been tailor made to focus on that tricky bit of multi-tasking. Each of these levels have additional cGA-Land door where at least two of these abilities have to be used to reach it.

The DLC packs will be available in Europe from October 18th with the US to receive the update shortly after on October 25th, as a free eShop download.

Finally - the studio have released a handful of 3D screenshots that can be accessed by scanning the following QR code using the 3DS.

Image for Free Mutant Mudds DLC Dated for Europe/US
Box art for Mutant Mudds

Renegade Kid


Renegade Kid


2D Platformer



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Need to buy this soon, glad they're adding free DLC. Smilie

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