Prepare for Deep Chimpact on Nintendo DS

By Adam Riley 16.10.2012 5

Prepare for Deep Chimpact on Nintendo DS on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

505 Games has announced it will be bringing the one-touch iOS hit Chimpact to Nintendo DS. Chimpact was been developed by Yippee! Entertainment Ltd and originally published on Apple's iPhone and iPad (iOS) by Chillingo received in August 2012. It immediately received widespread plaudits from the critics and was received with similar verve by consumers worldwide who have to date given the title a top tier 4.5 star rating.

Chimpact has reached the Top 10 in family/arcade game categories on the Apple App Store in numerous countries, from the UK to China, demonstrating its global appeal. Following its success on other platforms, 505 Games is bringing the fun to Nintendo DS owners across Europe.

Yippee! has created a genuinely addictive game perfectly fashioned for the time-pressured touch-screen generation. From a gameplay trend point of view, Chimpact is perfect for the gaming times we live in, and, on Nintendo DS, will enjoy a whole new demographic.
- Tim Woodley, Head of Global Brand for 505 Games.

505 Games has proven itself masters of bringing casual, family entertainment to the handheld and home console systems. It is the perfect partner to help us build the Chimpact story.
- Mike Delves, CEO Yippee! Entertainment.

This week, Yippee! Entertainment announced a worldwide licensing deal with Studio Liddell to bring Chimpact to the broadcast arena, further increasing its global footprint. Developed by Yippee! Entertainment, Chimpact will be released on Nintendo DS early 2013.

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Let me guess, it will be 10x as expensive as the iOS version?

Maybe the iOS version was actually free Smilie Work that one out Smilie

Hopefully there will be plenty added to make it worth the purchase. Given how the cheapest DS games are £14.99-£19.99, it's always going to be more expensive.

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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Surely it would have been better off as a DSiWare/eShop game?

Can't say I know much about the original, additions could justify retail I guess. Smilie

No thanks. it should be on eShop, never on cart.

I always wonder... who's being so stubborn in cases like these? Nintendo or the developer?

I was hoping Cave Story and similar free-gone-paid or e-gone-retail games would teach developers a lesson... I guess they don't? Smilie

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