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By Adam Riley 16.10.2012

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Majesco Entertainment has confirmed that Zumba Fitness Core is now available on Wii and Kinect for Xbox 360 across the US. The first and only video game designed to sculpt abs, Zumba Fitness Core is packed with an array of new features including 40 new songs and routines, 33 international dance styles from around the world, fitness goals, nutrition tips and hot new choreography that targets the core within a total body workout.

The newest addition to the hit Zumba Fitness video game franchise that has sold more than eight million copies worldwide, Zumba Fitness Core has not been confirmed for Europe yet, but will no doubt eventually appear after the success of Zumba Fitness and Zumba Fitness 2.

As a leader in the interactive fitness space, we are committed to delivering distinct experiences that offer players a fun and effective way to reach their fitness goals. Zumba Fitness Core focuses on the #1 area women want to transform -- their abs -- with a deep at-home workout solution that includes an incredible soundtrack, wealth of dance styles, multiplayer support and fitness features from goal setting to calorie tracking to work out customisation.
- Jesse Sutton, Chief Executive Officer, Majesco Entertainment.

Zumba and Majesco have once again created a revolutionary game. Who wants to do painful crunches when you can dance, have fun and get amazing results? Everything from the graphics to the music to the tracking makes this game one of the best products we have ever created.
- Alberto Perlman, Chief Executive Officer, Zumba Fitness.

"PARTY YOUR ABS OFF" in Zumba Fitness Core as celebrity Zumba instructors guide users through routines set to a range of current chart-topping hits, era classics, exclusive re-records and genre-blending fusion tracks that together with new Zumba original songs, deliver 33 dance styles -- the most diverse range included in any Zumba Fitness video game to date. Choose from 45 different pre-set classes or customise the workout to suit specific preferences. New fitness features include both nutrition and lifestyle tips, plus personal and community goals you can work toward to keep motivated. With multiplayer support for up to four players on Wii and two on Kinect for Xbox 360, players can throw a dance-fitness party in their living room.

Developed by Zoe Mode, Zumba Fitness Core is available now for the suggested retail price of US$39.99 on Kinect for Xbox 360 and Wii.

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