Handheld | Afterburner To Burn No More!

By James Temperton 28.01.2004 1

Afterburner Gone!
GBA: SP sighted as reason for products demise...

Since the release of the GBA: SP, sales of the Afterburner have declined hugely, forcing Triton Labs to discontinue the device today. The man behind the device, Adam Curtis, was shocked at the high demand for the product that made many GBA games so much better to play and many gamers hailed it as one of the best 'DIY' gaming kits ever.

With the GBA: SP having a built in back-light, there is no place anymore for the Afterburner, but it will always be remembered. One small company showed that Nintendo were wrong to not put a light in the GBA, and in the end forced the company to make a u-turn. We would like to commend the efforts of Curtis and Triton Labs and wish them the best of luck in the future.

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