Play With Two Mario Simultaneously in Super Mario 64 Online Mod

By Jorge Ba-oh 26.10.2012 4

Play With Two Mario Simultaneously in Super Mario 64 Online Mod on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Want to relive Super Mario 64 with a friend? Why not give a multiplayer mod a go in a new custom modification.

Modder Skelux, producer of custom game Super Mario Star Road, has crafted a nifty hack that lets a second player take on the classic 3D platformer simultaneously on the same screen either locally or online.

Having two Mario characters on the same plane also lets you perform stunt combinations, bouncing off each other to introduce new mechanics to those classic Mario moves.

The team behind the original game and creator Shigeru Miyamoto had intended to include two-player split screen, yet this had to be scrapped due hardware constraints. Multiplayer capability did make it to the  DS version, though this was limited to a handful of courses from the main game.

In this modification however, the entire game is playable - it requires a copy of the game and a compatible emulator.


What do you think of this Super Mario 64 multiplayer mod - would you embark on a platforming adventure with a friend?

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I havent heard this tune for such a while!

Definitely need to check this out at some point, it's kinda sad that they didn't add full multiplayer in the DS version. I know me and my friend had quite a bit of fun playing the Star mode and those other minigames. Though adding co-op to the DS game would've made it perfect in every way possible, so I guess we can't have everything.

The creator of this mod even included a .WAD file, so I can install it as a channel on my Wii. May actually have to give this a try! Doubt the online will be there on the Wii version though.

Amazing work. Well done!

You are not alone. I am here with you. Though we're far're always in my heart. Love u!

Really cool idea! Would love an online co-operative 3D Mario one day - would be so, so fun especially if racing for live speedruns etc.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

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