Zelda-Inspired Two Brothers Coming to Wii U eShop Next Year

By Az Elias 27.10.2012 8

Zelda-Inspired Two Brothers Coming to Wii U eShop Next Year on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

AckkStudios has announced that it is now a licensed developer for Nintendo's next generation console, the Wii U. The team will be bringing their original adventure role-playing game, Two Brothers, to the console's online eShop next year. A more firm release date will be revealed some time in 2013.

In development for Xbox 360, PC, OSX, Linux and now, of course, Wii U, Two Brothers was funded through Kickstarter, and raised $16,257 over the intended goal of $6,000. Its gameplay takes a lot of inspiration in particular from Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series and Square's Secret of Mana. The visuals are a throwback to the time of the Game Boy, but without the technological limitations that the system had back then, and will also be presented in HD.

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Two Brothers' graphical style actually plays into the game's storyline. Players take the role of a young inventor named Roy Guarder, who makes it his aim to find a new colour after witnessing an afterlife of colour during a near-death experience. Rory's brother Bivare, who is an inventor and explorer, also, partners him and the two set off on their quest.


In addition to Two Brothers, AckkStudios is hard at work on "an ambitious modern 3D RPG." The developers will be at PAX East in March next year to reveal the game, but no platforms have been decided, despite Wii U being a strong possibility. The team is still deciding if it should be a Wii U exclusive, multiplatform, or something else. Earthbound and The World Ends with You have apparently had an influence on the graphics style for the 3D RPG, which is now in a playable form.

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Do make sure to check the images gallery for more screen shots and art from Two Brothers, and stick with Cubed3 for further updates on both that game and AckkStudios' 3D RPG.

Box art for Chromophore: The Two Brothers Directors' Cut








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Cannot wait for this. I miss 2D adventures on the big screen. So glad it is being designed for consoles and not handhelds. As soon as I get a Wii U, this will be one of the first games I buy.

I really like the concept of this. Its awesome inspirations aside, the idea of making a game with a style and gameplay like this but without the limitations games that looked like this had back then sounds intriguing.

urg, its lazy and ugly.
By all means go stylised with a limited pallete ....but replicating a GB is pointless. It isnt arty - Nintendo didnt ever choose those colors, it was a technical limitation.
Also HD with pixal art is a kinda laughable idea.

I hope they fix this - either go black and white or pick some nice colors. Muddy green and yellow is horrible and is only there for nostalgia.

( Edited 28.10.2012 17:04 by Darkflame )

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Love the look and the love the sound even more.

This is looking amazing! I like the whole "quest for Colour" theme. Smilie

Our member of the week

The character sprites look completely ripped off Sword of Mana... not that this is a bad thing mind you Smilie. Level design is indeed apparently much more reminiscent of Zelda.

Can't understand the choice of making it Black & White though, since I can't think of any single good reason not to put colour on those charming old school graphics.

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

I thought the whole point of the game is to FIND colours which it says in the trailer too? There are several scenes in the trailer where there are plenty of colours.

Interesting. Odd that it's going to the Wii U eshop and not to the 3DS one since going from the trailer it would benefit from gaming on the go.

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