Dr. Mario Was Once Called Virus and Infected Arcades

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.10.2012 1

Dr. Mario Was Once Called Virus and Infected Arcades on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Before Mario donned his Doctor's gown, he originally starred in a Dr. Mario prototype called Virus.

Found in a PlayChoice-10 unit, a NES-based arcade console, the concept shows the iconic puzzle game in one of its earlier states - without the fan-favourite "Fever" and "Chill" themes, and even "Sick Level" displayed instead of Speed.

As well as playing the latest NES games modified for the arcades, the PlayChoice setup was also used at times to test certain titles in development - which could explain the presence of Virus over Dr. Mario. The version also includes a bonus after each pill has dropped, culminating at the end of each level - but was removed from the retail release.

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There really is so much to learn in this world, sometimes I feel I will never be able to take it all in...maybe I'm just retarded. :/

You are not alone. I am here with you. Though we're far apart...you're always in my heart. Love u!

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