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By James Temperton 29.01.2004 1

Mega Man X: Command Mission
New screens of Capcom's explosive RPG!

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Megaman X Command Mission is the latest in a long line of titles in the popular franchise from Capcom. This RPG based action title brings cel-shaded graphics, massive environments and loads of enemies to the title in what promises to be a thoroughly enjoyable title.

There is a plot of sorts too, with Megaman having to infiltrate Giga City Island and thwart the deviously evil plans of the Liverion Army who have initiated a riot on the island. With various different characters available for play including Megaman, Axl and Zero you have to work on getting a three-member attacking force together to defeat the enemy in some great RPG battles!

The game will include all the standard RPG features along with some other more interesting and unique ideas like the

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