Iwata Unboxes the Wii U and Makes a Mess

By Jorge Ba-oh 07.11.2012 5

Iwata Unboxes the Wii U and Makes a Mess on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata today teased fans by unboxing the Wii U console during a video presentation.

Today's Nintendo direct covered user accounts and online video chat on the new system, but what about the console itself? Iwata decided to unveil the sleek plastic brain, the GamePad and other bits inside the premium package. Spoiler alert! He also reveals how the Wii U looks standing up vertically, the controller cradle and other cables as part of the "Official Wii U Opening Ceremony".

Iwata certainly has credentials to take on the big shopping channels!


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This video makes me smile so much Iwata is so adorably polite (and adorable)
I like this man.

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

Love how they beat the other major games sites with an unboxing video. Smilie

I've gained a LOT of respect for Nintendo since they started these regular Direct videos. The fact that the president Iwata himself is doing an unboxing video is just amazing really.

The Wii U looks very sexy in the stand. :O

Iwata (guest) 07.11.2012#4

Thanks guys. I love you all!

He kinda reminds me of how Professor Gadd used to mutter stuff in Luigi's Mansion!

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