Don't Touch Your Wii U for a While? It Can Turn Itself Off

By Jorge Ba-oh 10.11.2012 7


Ever left your console on whilst passing out on the sofa? Electricity bills may just be saved with the Nintendo Wii U.

The new system will include a timeout feature that, if activated, turns off the Wii U after a period of inactivity. This does, however include if a game is paused or you're sitting watching a really, really long cutscene. Game saves can have the potential to be lost if the setting is left on without players realising.

The default option is an hour, according to IGN, but the duration can be tweaked and it can be turned off all together.

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Yeah I think i'll extend it to an hour and a half, don't want to pause a game to eat dinner only to come back and find the wiis got bored and gone to sleep. 

( Edited 10.11.2012 15:23 by JayUK )

Weird that it doesn't even enter some kind of hibernation mode that keeps your game progress.

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SuperLink said:
Weird that it doesn't even enter some kind of hibernation mode that keeps your game progress.

That's true - would have made a lot more sense!

I will probably end up using this - the number of times I switch to TV and forgot to turn off before bed!

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Good feature to have.

I remember the pictures when the Wii was being used in old peoples homes to get them to exercise indoors with those Wii sports games.
So I guess we can expect the WiiU to be a new way to play for Alzheimer patients? With the new controller you can even have the button mapping on screen constantly, so you don't even need much of a functioning memory.

You are not alone. I am here with you. Though we're far're always in my heart. Love u!

They recently added a 60 min shut-down feature to the 360. Before it was either a 6 hour inactivity or no shutdown. It's great if, like me, you often fall asleep with a video on, even though Wii U doesn't play DVDs, so I'll still be using my 360 for that.

Add me on anything. I'm always looking for new friends/opponents/town visitors/chances to appear more popular than I actually am.

Very useful tool indeed. PS3 has had this for a long time now.  Setting it to an hour is perfect for charging the battery, a lot of times I'll leave it to that and go to bed, waking up to a charged battery and auto-closing of the PS3 and my tv.  I wonder if Wii U will have that tool, to sync the tv to it.

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