News | Majesco Announce Two Portable Titles

By Jorge Ba-oh 30.01.2004 1

Majesco Announce 2 Portable Titles
Worms and Jewels Equal Fun

Publisher Majesco has revealed plans to publish two titles based on popular internet games, Bookworm and Bejewled, for the GameBoy Advance later this year. The former game, Bookworm, focuses on the adventures of a hurgy bookworm known as Lex that eats titles to spell complete words which are fed to him by players. Larger words allow for more points and special titles provide bonuses perhaps in a similar style to renowned board game, Scrabble. In Bejewelled, players swap teo jewels to line up three or more of the same coloured jewel in a horizontal or vertical line. Although Simple, the company promises for the titles to be addictive and the portable nature allowing gamers to play their favoured titles on the go.

"Majesco continues to identify sources for innovative products, and the Internet has grown into a proving ground for games, resulting in products with a firmly established consumer base and a wide demographic of players. We are pleased to have the opportunity to offer fans a new portable way to experience Bookworm and Bejeweled, as well as the chance to introduce two great titles to the Game Boy Advance audience."
Ken Gold, Vice President of Marketing for Majesco

The two titles have not got confirmed releases however have been noted for 2004 releases, Bookworm being the initial title on the market and the latter having a release shortly after. Cubed3 shall have more information as it becomes available.

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