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Nintendo Looking into Slow Loading Wii U Menus

Nintendo Looking into Slow Loading Wii U Menus on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

New Wii U owners have reported slow or varying performance when using the downloaded menu system.

Day one Wii U players are being treated to a slew of new functionality that adds the much touted online infrastructure to the system, plus browser and eShop access. However there have been a myriad of complaints that switching between simple windows, for example the home screen into settings, causes long loading times of up to ten seconds.

Nintendo have acknowledged the issue and are "exploring ways to enhance features for consumers' overall experience."

The sluggish performance falls in line with various other early-adopter issues, including bricked consoles and sudden loss of power.

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20.11.2012 14:18



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Despite the issues it sounds like a pretty smooth launch overall. There are always going to be issues (Wii had some issues with bricked systems and stuff at launch too) when a new system launches. The launch issues also tend to make a bigger splash since there is the sudden massive influx of systems to the market all at once.

Also, I think some (though not a lot) are unfairly comparing Wii U's launch issues with the current state of competitor systems that have been out and tweaked/fine tuned for 6-7 years now.

I hope it will be solved by the time the console is released in EU/AU.

And yeah, I've read so much criticism about the launch and I don't think it's justified. A day 1 patch is nasty, but it's just the result of last minute improving the UI. But why do people complain that you have to go online before you can go online? Smilie Of course you can't use Wii Chat without going online first!

Having your system bricked because you turned the console off is very unfortunate. I hope Nintendo replaces those system really fast.

This will probably change in a month or so. My guess is Nintendo has 5 GB to play around with and that the update is actually 1-2 GB. They had to push it to launch, and they are now working to optimize things.

Miyamoto II (guest) 21.11.2012 13:50#4

I own the Wii U and it takes 13 seconds to go from home to settings. That's like a windows 3.1 pc

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