Poll: Are You Buying a Wii U at Launch?

By Jorge Ba-oh 24.11.2012 7

Poll: Are You Buying a Wii U at Launch? on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

2012 is the year of the Nintendo Wii U. Will you be joining the new generation at launch?

With a range of must-play titles including New Super Mario Bros U, Zombi U, Nintendo Land, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and more, plus new ways to play on the GamePad, it's the ideal time to introduce the Wii U console into your gaming setup.

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But will you be one of the first to grab the Nintendo Wii U, will you hold out for other titles, or skip the Wii U all together? Have your say in our poll below.

Still undecided about the Wii U or wondering what games to buy at launch?
Be sure to read our Wii U buyer's guides:

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User Poll: Are you buying a Wii U at Launch?

Yes: Basic Wii U
Yes: Premium Wii U
Yes: ZombiU pack
Maybe at a later date

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Aye. Looking forward to it. Smilie

Very hyped! Just a little sad I may not have much time for it!

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Dan (guest) 24.11.2012#3

I will be waiting for Monster Hunter.

Got mine at launch! (but I'm in the US).

Tip: The day-one update is not required to play games. If you are having trouble with your day-one update (since there are so many people doing it at once), just wait. Play your games first. While you won't be able to play online or use Miiverse, you can still get hours of gameplay in while others spend those hours trying to update.

waiting for Virtual Console games on gamepad or something that looks really interesting. The equivalent of Prime 3 or No More Heroes on Wii

I'm getting the Premium Bundle and I cannot wait! Friday needs to get here... NOW!

I love the new design, it looks so powerful. Much better than the original boxy-toy-like Wii design, in my humble opinion.

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