Retailers Reporting Wii U Pre-Launch Sellout

By Jorge Ba-oh 24.11.2012 3

Retailers Reporting Wii U Pre-Launch Sellout on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Various retailers in the UK are reporting that initial launch allocation has been maxed out.

According to trade magazine MCV, some outlets have even begun putting through orders for future Wii U shipments. That said, the situation is looking to be less frantic than the original Nintendo Wii launch, with a healthier load of Wii U consoles available overall.

It's uncertain whether the report is referring to strictly the high-street market, or if online stores are selling out also.

The Wii U is available on Amazon UK, Zavvi and HMV - with a week to go, it's certainly a good time to grab hold of a Nintendo Wii U before the launch crowds pounce.

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My local GAME store is all sold out of the Basic and Premium packs, they just have a few Zombi U packs left. Sounds good that it's selling out everywhere! Hopefully we get more stock to meet demands though. Restocking in the US doesn't seem to be a problem. Let's just hope Nintendo UK and NoE stay on the ball with things too.

Yeah as Mush said, GAME is out of Basic and Premium. I only ordered a few days ago and Zombi U (what I was wanting anyway!) is the only option left "across all the chain". Was wanting to hit ASDA at midnight but opted for GAME to make sure I got one. 

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Hey speaking of which, did Nintendo settle their dispute with Amazon?

I revisited my BCC store to ask about that number of 500 consoles the guy told me about. Apparently it's not for their store, but for the whole Dutch chain.

As far as I know, I'm the first one to preorder one there, so I should be good.

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