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Potential Game Breaking Glitch Found in ZombiU for Wii U

Potential Game Breaking Glitch Found in ZombiU for Wii U on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

A glitch found in Ubisoft's ZombiU could mean, under certain conditions, the entire game needs to be played again from the beginning.

One YouTuber playing the game met her unfortunate demise whilst ticking the boxes for objectives, with one of the remaining goals being "enter the supermarket". On a normal playthrough, survivors are met by a horde of the undead and defeating them grants you access inside, however if you die and re-spawn, these zombies go missing.

A simply remedy for this one - survive!


Thanks to C3 reader Linkyshinks for the tip.

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I read about a game breaking glitch on Gamefaqs, and the exact thing that happened to that poster happened to me but my game was fine. It appears to be random. Anyway, your objective on this particular mission is not to kill the zombies, you're actually supposed to run away and go back to the safehouse. I wonder if she's tried just following these steps and then returning to the safehouse? If not, that sucks. Hopefully Ubisoft patches this.

Also, she says this is about an hour in. Not sure about that, this is literally the first mission you go on, the supermarket is the first building you get to besides the safe house.

NNID: crackedthesky
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Staff Member

Yeah, like I posted in the Wii U thread, I hadn't heard of anything surrounding this glitch until today. As far as I know, no reviews have mentioned it, so it can't be something that's easy to come by.

I'm sure if Ubisoft find out about this glitch, then they will most certainly patch it. They even left some hidden messages in the game, after it was released.

There's no way this happens to everyone who dies at this part of the game. It spawns a freaking huge hoard, there's just no way this girl is the only one who ever died right there. I died three times on my way into the supermarket, though that was because of a different hoard, but in any case this is just an unfortunate fluke, not the standard.

Also, she says you have to go into the system settings and delete the game data. Not true. You can delete your save file from the loading menu, just like any other game.

I have seen a few other glitches, though. My brother forced his way between two walls at one point and got stuck in place before falling through the ground and dying, but it wasn't a game breaker. Patching at least seems easy, with the devs leaving graffiti updates every day, and that's what the system's Spotpass is for anyway. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

Speaking of glitches, twice my Wii U has frozen up. Only fix is to unplug it, not even holding the power button in turns it off. I read somewhere that Nintendo is releasing a patch to fix this next week, though.

NNID: crackedthesky
My blog, mostly about writing:

At least this isn't as bad as the Death Hand glitch in Red Steel. This can easily be fixed.

( Edited 25.11.2012 06:46 by Linkyshinks )

Matt (guest) 09.01.2013 15:18#5

I am on the screen where you pick your save file but see nothing to delete it.  How exactly do I do it?  Thanks.

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