Here's How to use a Nintendo Wii U for Long Journeys

By Jorge Ba-oh 26.11.2012 4


With Nintendo Wii U games playable on the GamePad alone, can the console be used on the move?

The latest in the long line of Nintendo consoles is a fairly small and lightweight beast, cramming in high quality components into a well ventilated shell. Whilst it might be a tad difficult to play Wii U games without a power source, but for a train, local coffee house, or even a plane with plug inputs it is a possibility.

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A reporter from Rocket News gave the idea a go by taking his Wii U console onboard a bullet train.

These high-tech beasts are equipped with onboard electric sockets and Wi-Fi, so heading online and playing New Super Mario Bros. is an entirely feasible possibility that just requires a cable, a pair of headphones connected to the GamePad and a decent amount of space.

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Would you take your Nintendo Wii U on your next long-haul journey?

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I actually think it's pretty neat that this sort of thing becomes possible because of the gamepad. Completely impractical, but neat all the same.

Aye. I can imagine take it on a train journey - London to Scotland perhaps - but probably not on a plane, too expensive for it. But you never know! Like having the option, definitely - especially when you can prop up the GamePad as a portable screen. Multiplayer journeys to keep  the kiddies happy.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

I definitely wont. I'm very protective of my consoles, I'd be to worried I'd loose it or break it. I'll stick with taking my DS thanks.

Bucky (guest) 27.11.2012#4

Maybe they could offer this as an option to keep kids occupied during a long train or plane ride. Although most kids these days seem to have tablets to keep them from getting bored.

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