Ubisoft Comments on NFC in Rayman Legends

By Jorge Ba-oh 26.11.2012

Ubisoft Comments on NFC in Rayman Legends on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Ubisoft's Michel Ancel was recently quizzed on why the studio has gone quiet on the Wii U NFC technology since E3.

When Nintendo demoed the new console at E3 this year, one of the features that stood out to fans was the introduction of built in near field communication (NFC) capability within the GamePad controller. It allows objects to be placed on the device and for data to be transmitted for use within a game.

One of the early examples shown was a feature akin to Activision's Skylanders, where toys can be "transferred" to the game. The trailer involved an ickle Rabbid toy that could be used within Rayman Legends or Rabbids Land, as a possible optional feature.

Since then fans have been treated to sublime footage of the games in action yet Ubisoft have yet to touch on the feature again.

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Speaking to GameKyo, Ancel noted how Ubisoft won't show anything "until the full potential of this technology can be realised".

Ubisoft have not officially announced the NFC feature and it was an experience that we made ​​when we started working on the Wii U, as we do with any new hardware. We made ​​several tests and believe that marrying real objects and video games is something innovative. But again this was a prototype and won't show anything until the full potential of this technology can be realised.

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