Rumour: Wii U Demo Booths Running Ubuntu

By Jorge Ba-oh 26.11.2012 4

Rumour: Wii U Demo Booths Running Ubuntu on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The Nintendo Wii U in-store demo booths maybe running a modified version of the Ubuntu operating system instead of the Wii U itself.

One user on Reddit obtained a snapshot of one of the systems that hadn't booted correctly because it was missing a "USB key". Instead of showing the games available to try out, in this case Rayman Legends, it displayed a screen for the Ubuntu OS.

Other reports are suggesting that the demos are running off a separate computer, housed underneath the dummy Wii U shell, with the GamePad hooked up to that instead.

The use of a separate base for storing and running downloads could be a security measure to prevent Wii U consoles from being taken prior to release, and also to limit functionality, preventing users from accessing the Wii U's system menus.

It's uncertain what system/core the actual Wii U runs on whether or not Nintendo has built the console's functionality over a Linux base.

Thanks to Linkyshinks for the tip.

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Speaking of which... today I finally saw the beginnings of a Wii U demo kiosk in a Dutch toy store (Bart Smit). It wasn't quite done though, so I asked an employee if somebody was working on installing the unit.

But alas, that was just the 'shell'. They had yet to receive the demo unit, they didn't expect until Friday. Smilie

Wasn't the Wii OS based off the Linux software?

aww i was hoping for windows 7

You are not alone. I am here with you. Though we're far're always in my heart. Love u!

Also interesting in that it hints at a Rayman Legends port that runs on Linux. Would this port have specifically been commissioned for the demo units or will it actually be released for sale?

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