SEGA Reveals a Character Trailer for Upcoming Adventure The Cave

By Az Elias 30.11.2012 2

SEGA Reveals a Character Trailer for Upcoming Adventure The Cave on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

SEGA has today released a brand new trailer for its upcoming Wii U download title, The Cave.

Published by SEGA and developed by Double Fine Productions, the platform adventure game sees players take on the roles of seven distinctive personalities, as they each worm their way through a rather strange talking cave. In each new game players start, they can choose three of the seven characters to play with, and will be tied to those specific persons for the remainder of the game. Starting new game files lets players choose a different trio. Including such characters as a scientist, a hillbilly, a pair of twin orphans and a monk, they will each interact with the environment in various ways, with players switching between each of their chosen three to clear obstacles and puzzles in an adventure that resembles such non-linear titles as Metroid and Castlevania.

Whilst played across a 2D plane, the game world is rendered with 3D graphics, and allows up to three players to participate in local co-operative play to control each of the three chosen characters.

The Cave will be released early next year as a download title for the Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PCs.

Enjoy the latest trailer that introduces the characters below.

Box art for The Cave

Double Fine




2D Platformer



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This looks great! It definitely looks like it would be worth a download if I had a Wii U, though I suppose I could get it on my 360. 

Working like a fiend isn't very fun... and surprisingly isn't very fiendish either.

What an unexpected superstar dev team! This looks very intriguing to say the least. 

I wonder if there will be any version differences between the consoles.

Like video game music?!
Do a Barrel Roll!<

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