Dragon Quest X Wii MMORPG Already Profitable for Square Enix

By Javier Jimenez 14.12.2012 2

Dragon Quest X Wii MMORPG Already Profitable for Square Enix on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Square Enix chief, Yoichi Wada, has stated that Dragon Quest X, the company's newest MMORPG, has reached 400,000 subscribers and has already covered its development costs. Wada related that Final Fantasy XI, Square's first MMORPG, earned 40 billion yen ($487.7 million) in its 10 years of service.

Wada sees the same promise in Dragon Quest X, stating that an MMORPG like Final Fantasy XI  "contributed greatly to the overall revenue scheme" and "has a sustainable capacity over a long duration". He responded to doubts concerning Dragon Quest X selling only 600,000 copies so far. He gave a reminder that Final Fantasy XI initially shipped only 120,000 copies before reaching its later success.

Dragon Quest X is currently available only on the Nintendo Wii in Japan, however it will launch for the Nintendo Wii U in Spring 2013. Square Enix has yet to reveal their plans for localization and release outside of Japan.

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That's pretty impressive this early on. I'm really surprised that FFXI made as much as it did. 

Surely this will be localized.

Like video game music?!
Do a Barrel Roll!<

Can't wait for this game. Will be my first mmo

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