New Video Shows Monster Hunter 3 Wii U and 3DS Link-up

By Jorge Ba-oh 22.12.2012 4

New Video Shows Monster Hunter 3 Wii U and 3DS Link-up on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

A short gameplay video fro Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate edition reveals gameplay footage between the Wii U and 3DS versions.

The improved version of Capcom's fan favourite Monster Hunter 3 boasts refined graphics, additional content but also the ability to play co-operatively - one player running the game on the Wii U and TV, with the other playing simultaneously on a 3DS handheld console. In this short snippet from ONM, we see how the connectivity works and because both players have an independent screen each, it makes for a more open world of exploration and combat.

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Monster Hunter 3G HD Ver.









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Pretty cool. I would have preferred them to go the COD route and have one person on the GamePad and the other on the TV, but co-op is always cool and I'm probably going to end up getting it on both systems anyway.

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Wow, those guys are pretty bad... Smilie

Just a shame the players demonstrating the gameplay are so so so poor. People who know little about this game will think it's a casual kiddy hack n slash.

I heard they upped the graphics but this looks pretty much the same as the Wii version to me. I guess it's probably at least running in HD so it doesn't look blurry/fuzzy like when I do other Wii stuff on my Wii U.

I really wish the Wii U upscaled Wii games like Dolphin does. Seems pretty simple to implement.

NNID: crackedthesky
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