Nintendo Wii U GamePad Controllers are Region Locked

By Jorge Ba-oh 27.12.2012 3

Nintendo Wii U GamePad Controllers are Region Locked on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Planning on taking a Wii U GamePad to a friend's in another region? You can, but it just won't fully work for now.

According to reports, including Japanese website Rocket News 24, unlike other controllers the GamePad is specifically locked to one region. For example, a European GamePad will not be fully usable in North America, and vice-versa. A translation from Destructoid notes how firmware updates (and presumably downloads) can't be run using a foreign GamePad, but whether or not it can be used to play games has yet to be confirmed.

It's likely that the only reason Nintendo have region locked the GamePad controllers (compared to previous peripherals) is the potential issues that could arise with different software versions running on the device.

Whilst a GamePad does come as standard with each system, so it shouldn't be a major issue, when multiple controllers can be used in the future, importing could have become an option.

Deal breaker or not a big issue? What do you think of Wii U GamePad region locking?

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I'm hoping that by this time next year, I'll be settled in Japan. Region locking is a stupid complication I shouldn't have to deal with. I hate it. :-x

Thanks for the tip, Cubed3. It's definitely good to know.

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As much as I dislike region locking in its entirety, gotta respect Nintendo for going all the way with it. Smilie

I usually hate region locking too.. and this is a very silly idea

But overall I don't see the big deal, surely your gamepad will match the region of the system you own anyway and in which case the only issue is the games (which shouldn't be an issue and region locking is dumb but that's another story)

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