Super Mario Bros. Meets Minecraft in Fan Creation

By Jorge Ba-oh 28.12.2012 3

Super Mario Bros. Meets Minecraft in Fan Creation on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

What do you get if you cross Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. with Minecraft? Why, Mariocraft of course!

A YouTuber, RoosterTeeth, recently decided to dust off a couple of hours and produce a tribute to Nintendo's iconic platformer by using the now ever-popular Minecraft toolset to create parts of World 1-1. The result is pretty surreal, quirky and up there with the long line of Mario-inspired creations.


What do you think of the Mariocraft idea?

Box art for Super Mario Bros.





2D Platformer



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Looks terrible.

I'm sorry. Let's see YOUR version then. :3

"You make me want to play Russian Roulette with a glock. By myself."

I don't play Minecraft, but I don't see how this movie is making the headlines. Smilie I'm sure that there are dozens of better Mario tributes out there!

But it's not like we have a lot of other gaming news going on, so I guess it's ok. Smilie

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