Stage Builder Possible for Mario Games in the Future

By Jorge Ba-oh 28.12.2012 4

Stage Builder Possible for Mario Games in the Future on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo fans have been craving a level editor in Super Mario Bros. for years and it might just happen in the future.

Whilst Nintendo themselves have a reputation for pixel-perfect stage design, fans have wanted to get in on the action and share creations with others. The latest entry, New Super Mario Bros. U, allows players to customise coin locations in Coin Battle, but not the physical designs of the actual levels.

The game's director Masataka Takemoto spoke to GamesTM magazine on the issue, revealing that it is possible and the team are thinking of a way to make a stage builder "uniquely Nintendo", catering for a wide audience.

I think the Coin Edit feature in Coin Battle is a step closer to that. There is a possibility of this happening in the future, but there's no use just blindly making that feature available. We would need to carefully think about how to make such a system work.

The important thing is that it has to be something that is uniquely Nintendo. Where a beginner can easily make something and have a good time, and simultaneously, someone who is really into Mario can delve into it deeper and make something more complex. So that is a challenge we will need to tackle in the future.

Would you use and share custom stages in a side-scrolling Super Mario Bros. game?

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As long as they give us full free-reign on everything, that's all I ask. Sounds like they're worried about isolating newbies, though. Combat it with tutorial videos or pre-made basic levels that can be edited to ease them in. If they're gonna do it, do it properly; none of that SSBB rubbish which was extremely limited.

Matt (guest) 28.12.2012#2

They should have options for a basic stage builder for the beginners and an advanced stage builder with all the bells and whistles

Mario is easily one of the best candidates for a stage builder - the designs are, to be fair, pretty block driven at the moment anyway. Definitely needs more freedom than that piss-poor SSBB one - wide array of building blocks, themes and enemies - the ablity to share/download is a MUST.

Any sort of online feature, whether it be racing, these stage sharing etc will really help Nintendo take Mario to a more current level.

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