A Nintendo 3DS, Adult Images and a Bag of Rocks

By Jorge Ba-oh 28.12.2012 8

A Nintendo 3DS, Adult Images and a Bag of Rocks on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Whilst you're chomping on your warm turkey sandwiches, spare a thought for these festive folk who had upsets with their new 3DS gifts.

Some retailer hiccups this week have made online headlines - including one tale that involves a refurbished Nintendo 3DS full of explicit images. The unit, sold as refurbished at Gamestop, was encountered by a young five-year old who ended up seeing Mario explore a very different set of pipes.

The family received a brand-new 3DS console as compensation, but the boy's father is naturally rattled.

Another more unfortunate tale describes another younger who received a Nintendo 3DS console from Walmart for Christmas. Instead of a sleek new portable, he ended up with a wrapped bag full of rocks. Santa should be ashamed. 

The scam box was returned and all was well with the world again, but it makes for a point of discussion:

Have you fallen for any hardware/gaming scams or mishaps at retail?

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3D porn for christmas, who would be stupid enough to forget to delete that before trading it in really. Guys wife/girlfriend is not gonna be happy lol.

( Edited 28.12.2012 18:27 by JayUK )

I'm more surprised the real 3D-ified deal hasn't popped up on adult websites yet.

I know a guy who scammed people on eBay selling Xbox boxes back when it came out. He made quite a lot of money before being caught and banned from eBay for life. 

As for scamming, I'm sometimes on the other end with people coming back into the store with empty cases and trying to get a free game or selling stolen stuff.

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Why is her face green? Does that happen to British people when they get aroused?

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Hulking out with anger most likely. Smilie

Phoenom said:
Hulking out with anger most likely. Smilie

I contest those are smiling eyes. I think TAG was on to something. 

Like video game music?!
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You guys. Come round London town... seriously, they do look liek that.

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