Star Wars and Marvel are Possible for Disney Infinity

By Jorge Ba-oh 16.01.2013 1

Star Wars and Marvel are Possible for Disney Infinity on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Earlier today Disney announced a new multi-franchise game called Disney Infinity (more details here) that blends popular branded worlds like Monsters Inc and The Incredibles into different playsets/games that can come together into a single package using toy figures "imported" into games.

Infinity will begin with three playsets with plenty of room to expand given the almost limitless vault that the company can delve into. But Disney also have the rights to key Marvel and Star Wars properties which has lead fans to ask whether these might be considered as future Disney Infinity playsets.

The possibility for The Avengers going toe to toe with The Incredibles or Darth Vader having a spot of tea with Buzz Lightyear is certainly a possibility.

In an interview with developer Avalanche Software, it was confirmed that there has been talk about inclusion of these Disney-owned franchises, but "just been no decisions made".

If there's a gameplay mechanic that adds significantly to that mashup experience in the Toy Box, we love those properties, and will bring that into the game.

Given the Disney nature of the project, it's been interesting that there isn't a Mickey Mouse in sight. Granted the iconic mascot has his own mess to clean in Epic Mickey, but there is potential for the likes of Mickey, Donald, Pluto and Goofy to make an appearance eventually. Whilst not confirmed, the studio did not that "we're all things Disney".

Disney Infinity is heading to multiple platforms - including Wii U, 3DS and Wii - this June.

Do you think there's room for Marvel and Star Wars franchises in the Disney Infinity package? If so, which characters would you like to play as?

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NewBR (guest) 16.01.2013#1

I want to play as Spiderman and Wolverine playsets

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